The definitive handbook of business intelligence.
Offensive Intelligence is a compendium of tips, tools and techniques for finding out everything about everyone, in the corporate world and beyond.

Who are the readers of "Offensive Intelligence"?

  • Investigators, of course, whether in the private or public sector.
  • Police forces and police academies.
  • Strategic intelligence professionals.
  • Lawyers.
  • Accountants.
  • Tax auditors.
  • Security managers who want to have a global vision of the investigation world.
  • Fraud professionals.
  • Executives of small to medium-sized companies.
  • Financial, marketing or recruitment managers.
  • Debt collection specialists.
  • Investors looking for tools to secure their projects.
  • Journalists

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Master Google Hacking and in-depth Google research techniques.
  • Uncover hidden information, poorly protected documents and databases.
  • Walk in the Darkweb without (too much) risk.
  • Know everything about your competitors' or partners' projects.
  • Learn how to use OSINT tools (open source intelligence) for finding business data.
  • Become familiar with spy equipment (basic level).
  • Find a person anywhere in the world.
  • Locate a place from a picture.
  • Test facial recognition (it’s just amazing).
  • Understand how easy it is to usurp an identity.
  • Use the most recent methods to track the best candidates for a job.
  • Find out everything about the financial health of a company.
  • Find unlikely information on social networks.
  • Detect lies.
  • Learn the techniques of field investigation (carry out stakeouts, shadowing, field investigations and recruitment of informants IN A SUBTLE WAY).

This is a book for learning. It is not written to be read but to be experienced.

Philippe Dylewski is a trained psychologist. He ran a recruitment agency before becoming a private detective, then a business intelligence specialist. He now lives in Thailand and coordinates the activities of a group specializing in the search for missing persons throughout the world. He has published several manuals and novels in France and Belgium.

Gilles D. Bourquin
Former Chief of Intelligence - Geneva Police - MAJOR
"Well documented, interesting, practical, and useful book"

Why is the book only available on Amazon (and not on this site)?
Because I have no choice. Readers live in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, India, South Africa...and the postage from my home country, Belgium, would double the price of the book.